Friday, 2 September 2016

Can you help look after Van Gogh Walk?

Some wonderful neighbours are suggesting a new way of looking after the gardens on Van Gogh Walk. Would you like to volunteer to look after a patch? Or do you have some plants to spare? Or seeds to sow?

If you'd like to help keep the gardens growing please contact

Thank you so much!

 Thistles along the Roadside Vincent van Gogh Arles 1888


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A sunny day on Van Gogh Walk

Streetscape our wonderful garden maintenance team chose a great day to prune our beautiful olive trees. They have been maintaining our gardens for the last 3 years but unfortunately our funding has run out and despite our best efforts we have been unable to find a new source of funding.

We are sure everyone in the neighbourhood would like to express thanks and appreciation to Streetscape and their wonderful apprentices for all their great work on Van Gogh Walk.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Vincent's birthday

Drop by on Wednesday afternoon for our annual event to celebrate our namesake's birthday and the anniversary of the launch of our splendid Van Gogh Walk.

We will be sowing lots and lots of seeds for another spectacular summer display.

Come and say goodbye to our gardeners local community enterprise Streetscape and find out about apprenticeships and opportunities in landscape gardening;

Remember the young artist who lived here, loved nature and later painted world famous sunflowers;

Meet our local safer neighbourhood police team and get your bike security marked.

"I am very busy gardening now, I have sown scented peas, poppies and daisies; I have nothing more to do than to wait to see what they will give."
Vincent van Gogh, London, April 1874