Thursday, 26 January 2012

After 3 years of meetings, several consultations, street parties and green events the GRASS ROUTES project created by Streets Ahead will begin its on site transformation of the neighbourhood.

Lambeth Council's contractors will begin work on February 13 on Caldwell Street the busiest street in the neighbourhood with 3,200 vehicles per day using the street in 2010.

New traffic calming measures will be introduced including a 20 mph speed limit,  will be introduced throughout the neighbourhood. This will make the street environment safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. Drivers would also benefit by having more time to react to other road users. 

A redesigned raised junction table to include a zebra crossing at the junction with Hackford Road, to slow speeds and provide a safe crossing point for children at Reay Primary School. 

Speed cushions will be replaced with sinusoidal road wide humps, to slow traffic speeds and are also more cycle friendly.

And in line with the key priority of Streets Ahead and local residents - 89% in favour, more trees and plants will be added to the new street build outs.

More to follow...