Sunday, 8 July 2012


After weeks of delay, and many many meetings, the GRASS ROUTES build will resume on Monday 9th July on the Hackford Road junction with Isabel Street.

This ugly and oppressive high wall, metal fencing and razor wire will soon be in the background rather than the predominant view for residents of Morat Street
Work will start with traffic calming features being constructed on Hackford Road before moving into Isabel Street..for the most exciting stage of the project with our much needed community street taking shape.

Gleditsia 'Sunburst'
Olive trees, gleditsias, cypresses, lavender and irises are amongst the plants we have selected to reflect the presence of our former local resident,one of the world's most famous and respected artists Vincent van Gogh. The colour theme for the planting is blue and yellow which also happens to be the colours for our two local schools. Quotes from the artist whilst he was living here will be carved into granite seating. Two plaques for the soon to be transformed Isabel Street will be added at either end of the newly renamed Van Gogh Walk.

Exciting developments

GRASS ROUTES recently contacted the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and as a result we met with Jacquelien Lorkeers who is interested in establishing a network of links throughout Europe focussing on the homes where Vincent lived. 

Jacquelien Lorkeers, responsible for the Van Gogh Europe collaboration and its projects, with Ian Chilvers the street plaque designer, from the Type Archive at 100 Hackford Road, one of our many project partners.