Friday, 5 October 2012

On yer bike....

Would you be interested in renting a secure bike space for a monthly fee?

Lambeth and Cyclehoop have designed a 'bike box' to store six bikes. The first one has been installed as a trial on Morat St; if this proves popular, a further 27  will be installed across the GRASS ROUTES neighbourhood and beyond (including South Island Place, Crewdson Road and Offley Road). 

This follows a series of parking surveys and consultations; evidence of demand from cyclists and would-be cyclists; as well as Lambeth's experience of similar solutions in Bonnington Square and elsewhere. Some people are put off owning and using bikes because of the problem of tripping over them in a shared hallway, or other difficulties finding a safe place to keep them.

The bike shelters proposed for the Grass Routes area are to be installed on the road, with access from the pavement side. For more information go and have a look at the one in Morat Street, see the Lambeth website, send an email, or phone Kees Frederiks on 020 7926 6241.