Sunday, 24 February 2013

Meet our new neighbour

James Wang at 87 Hackford Road.
James Wang, who bought the Van Gogh House last year, is a charming art lover, violinist, businessman and van Gogh fan who divides his time between China and the UK. He has lots of exciting ideas about preserving the house's heritage and the van Gogh link, while inspiring new art and regeneration activities in this area, and linking art and culture from east and west.

Vincent van Gogh's bedroom?
His first challenge is to make the building structurally safe - the roof and walls need serious attention - but it is surprisingly thrilling to walk through the house and visit the old outside loo that we assume van Gogh used.

We look forward to seeing more of James and his team as their plans develop.

We showed James the latest developments on Van Gogh Walk:

With these olive trees Van Gogh Walk is beginning to feel more like a garden.

This planter is engraved with words Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother when he lived here: "I walk here as much as I can. It's absolutely beautiful here even though it's in the city."