Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Party on Saturday

Yes it's on Saturday - hope you can come and celebrate Van Gogh's 160th birthday and enjoy the new Van Gogh Walk.
- make birthday bunting with local print studio Slaughterhaus,
- games, sunflower crafts, face painting with Lambeth Play,
- print a poster at the Type Archive,
- plant a seed with AvantGardening,
- balloons, hoops, juggling with Bedlam Bunch,
- bicycle fun with our nearest bike hub Cycooldelic,
- Shiatsu chair massage thanks to Hyde Housing,
- birthday cake from fabulous caterers Food Show (based in Hackford Road),
- donuts from our favourite local bakery DiLietos,
- Entertainment from Kinetika Bloco Carnival Band and CSE stunts,
- Flamenco from Arts and Spanish Saturday School,
- music from Durand Academy Wind Band,
- meet friends and neighbours and inspire ideas for Van Gogh's house.

Isabel Street has changed a bit since this street party five years ago (and you might need to wear more clothes on Saturday!). Lots of people wanted our streets to feel more welcoming all year round, and were prepared to do something about it. Links with local schools and tenants' and residents' groups, funds from the Freemans development, and Lambeth plans to improve local areas, all combined to achieve a zebra crossing outside Reay school, a 20mph speed limit, new planting around the area (not yet completed), secure cycle parking for residents, and the new Van Gogh Walk. A neighbourhood to be proud of - and who knows what the new ownership of Van Gogh's house might lead to.