Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Skipping to school

This section of the street between Morat Street and Liberty Street is now completely free of motor traffic, and it's lovely to see lots of friendly people skipping, walking or cycling through.

So far, any cars or vans encountering teenagers playing ball games further down the street seem to be doing so carefully and in good humour. Phew. Most of us agree that driving slowly and maybe adding a few seconds onto a car journey - or using a happier, healthier form of transport where possible - is worth it for a more pleasant neighbourhood.

The basketball hoop is for anyone to use, but please be aware that traffic might come past, and please respect your neighbours. 9pm is the agreed cut-off time for noisy ball games, in line with sports on the astro the other side of the wall I think.

The plants will gradually bulk up and flower, and the climbers will begin to green the high walls (helping combat air pollution and noise pollution as well as making the space more beautiful). In future we should have lots of colourful spring bulbs at this time of year - that'll be a planting job for the autumn - volunteers always welcome.

It's a shame that a rosemary and a lavender disappeared the night they were planted. Grrr. I'd like to think that the offender might get involved in potting up cuttings for everyone once the plants are comfortably established.