Saturday, 27 April 2013

Signs of change

With signs of the final arrival of Spring its not only nature transforming our streets. We are now officially a 20mph zone and the signs are up to prove it. Thanks to our partnership working with Lambeth council we have our very own customised Grass Routes signs

Cyclehoop say they "are proud to have been chosen to design customised cycle stands for Van Gogh Walk." They have used the Albertus font, employed in all our signage to spell out V-G-W.

And if you have any queries or are interested in hiring a space in one of the new bike hangars you can contact Cyclehoop here.

Signs of change over on Caldwell Gardens Estate too. Some of you may have noticed a large area of turf has been removed. This is in preparation for a sowing of wildflowers along Caldwell Street. Yet another green pilot project being tried out in our neighbourhood this time by Lambeth Livings contractors Mears. Not only will the wildflowers be a great improvement they will also encourage biodiversity .....not to mention the Grass Routes newly planted pretty pink blossom trees..

Our new grounds maintenance contractors Streetscape will soon be adding lots more new plants to create mini gardens in all the tree pit build outs. The plants selected will continue the colour theme created for Van Gogh Walk, inspired by Vincents paintings of his time spent in the Meditteranean and will feature his much favoured blue and yellow colours ..and of course lots more grasses - our signature plants.

It looks like one of our neighbours is already trying their hand at a bit of temporary guerrilla gardening..... spotted this week in Morat Street

and finally I'm sure Vincent would have approved of the blossom tree in full flower just next to his old lodgings on Hackford Road