Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Van Gogh Walk gets the thumbs up

The Policy and Strategy Unit at Transport for London (TFL) paid a visit to Van Gogh Walk recently to view one of their funded local improvement schemes. 

The Grass Routes project was one of the very lucky recipients of funding from TFL's Local Implementation Plan (LIP) allocated to the London boroughs to fund local projects which support the Mayor's Transport Strategy. These include improvements to local town centres and public spaces, new cycling facilities, safer roads and measures to smooth traffic flow.
Local resident Elaine Kramer chatting with TFL visitors

Charles Snead, principal transport planner at TFL commented, “Van Gogh Walk is a classic example of space reallocation and has notably enhanced the environment for local residents and schoolchildren, with many innovative features. The scheme also incorporates Lambeth’s bike hanger – six bike spaces in one parking space and no traffic order needed. Everyone learnt a lot about good scheme design and the importance of working closely with the community to deliver high quality improvements.”

George Wright, centre explains the bike hangar  hire scheme