Monday, 10 June 2013

Favourite local cafe?

Where's the best place to grab a coffee and a tasty something for you to sit and enjoy on Van Gogh Walk?

Di Lieto's bakery and delicatessen at 2A South Island Place has been a favourite local haunt for years. The newly opened Dolcezza at 139 Clapham Road is also worth a visit; it has plenty of indoor seating, WiFi, and space to park bikes outside.

Here are some super pictures of the Di Lieto family taken a couple of years ago. Mmmm... you can almost smell the bakery at work.

"Shot for a documentary course assignment, I wanted to capture the love and care Giovanni and Luigi put into making their bread and running the shop."               Irina Ruseva, Hackford Road

 Photos: Irina Ruseva

A fascinating history of the former bakery Wilsons prior to the opening of di Lietos can be found here on the excellent local Oval History blog, along with a history of the Cable Cafe on Brixton Road.

And hot off the press - di Lietos is expanding into the closing Italian kitchen shop on Brixton Road. Hurray..