Friday, 26 July 2013

Drawing and painting competition 'Van Gogh celebrates!'

With all the great artwork Reay school has been producing inspired by van Gogh, maybe some of our local young artists would like to enter this?

Drawing and painting competition 'Van Gogh celebrates!'Your drawing or painting on the wall in the Van Gogh Museum and on a postcard? Get to work for the Van Gogh Museum’s drawing and painting competition. Who knows, perhaps thousands of people will soon be admiring your art!

How do you enter?
Are you between 4 and 12 years old? Make a drawing or painting on an A4 sheet of paper. The Van Gogh Museum has its 40th anniversary, so the subject is Van Gogh
 You may use pencils, markers, chalk, ink or paint, or all of the above together!

Complete an entry form together with one of your parents, but be sure to read the conditions first before entering the competition.

Send your art together with the form before 1 September 2013 to:
Van Gogh Museum Art Competition 2013
Attn. Education department
PO Box 75366
1072 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

And then?
We will choose three drawings or paintings from all the entries, and these will be hung in the Van Gogh Museum. The winners will be invited for the Family Days in the Van Gogh Museum during the autumn holidays. That is when we will announce which of the three pieces will be printed on postcards and the Children’s Workshop boxes.