Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Reay School Van Gogh Town exhibition

"I am an artist, look at my work!"
Miss Hall's class of 30 six and seven year olds had a busy afternoon as artists, planners and architects today, building a new (temporary) town on Van Gogh Walk.

They have been learning about Van Gogh's life here 140 years ago, researching how the streetscape and agriculture have changed since, and thinking about what kind of place they would like to live in in the future.

Please come and see their work exhibited on Van Gogh Walk this week.

An enormous thank you to architect Jen Forakis, to Lucy Hall, Lorraine and the young artists and architects at Reay School, and to everyone who took part.

More pictures to follow.
"Van Gogh lived here, did you know that?"

Ooh lots of delicious fresh fruit and veg for sale here - grown locally.