Thursday, 11 July 2013

Water please!

Van Gogh Walk is looking wonderful in the sunshine.

Guy and the team from Streetscape were busy this morning pruning the olives and cypresses to make sure they settle in comfortably in their first summer here, and giving everything a nice refreshing drink.

Just a reminder to our neighbours that although the Streetscape team is helping look after Van Gogh Walk for the next three years, they're not responsible for the underplanting in the treepits in neighbouring streets. Several people including Penny, Paul, Elaine, Irina and others have already been busy tending the treepits near them - thank you.
Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun
Van Gogh 1889
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

If you see any planting near you that is looking particularly stressed and thirsty in the hot weather, please

- water generously

- gently break up the top layer of soil if it's looking dry and hard (so any water doesn't just run off the top but trickles down into the roots)

- pick out any obvious weeds.

If you're not sure how, do talk to a neighbour or ask the Streetscape team when you see them on Van Gogh Walk - they are always happy to encourage and help people to look after plants.