Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Thank you

It was a busy day today on Van Gogh Walk, with apprentices from Streetscape leading teams of volunteers from Man Group weeding, digging, planting and watering, and supporting the climbers which are beginning to green the walls. Thanks for all your help - and to Philippa and Guy who donated plants from their gardens - it makes a tremendous difference.

We are also thrilled to have our very own little library to share books and the love of reading.

When Van Gogh lived here he spent more time reading than drawing or painting. He shared ideas from books that affected him in letters to his friends and family, and copied long poems by John Keats to send to his brother.

We hope our new library inspires more people to spend a few peaceful moments with a book. Many thanks to our thoughtful neighbours for this wonderful resource: Holly for suggesting, Karen for organising, Will for making, Toby for helping, Rupert for painting, and Paul for carrying it to Van Gogh Walk.

Please use the library: take a book, enjoy reading, return the book when you've finished and/or donate others.

What a lovely community street we have.

Lambeth tree surgeons came by

Streetscape apprentices tidy up the cypresses

The fantastic team from MAN