Saturday, 16 June 2018

Getting involved

Our history

Van Gogh Walk was opened in March 2013. At first the apprentices of Streetscape
looked after the gardens but in the summer of 2016, the funding from Lambeth ran out and
the gardens deteriorated. A new initiative was launched that autumn of 2016 by residents of Hackford Road who posted leaflets through people’s doors and held a meeting in the garden, where those who
wanted to were allocated a garden plot to look after any way they liked.

Our legacy

Over a short period of time since the community gardens group was set up, local residents have taken even more ownership of Van Gogh Walk. It has become a safer, cleaner and more peaceful space, with a greater social aspect for families, artists and visitors.

Getting involved:

As a public space we are always up for the challenge to keep the whole Walk clean and tidy, and keeping the gardens weeded and healthy. Plants need to be watered, litter picked, even the occasional fly-tipping happens that requires someone to notify the local council. Here are some ways you can get involved:
• Pick up a piece of litter, or pull a weed when you pass by
• Path/street sweeping
• Help water gardens during the summer periods
• Become a garden sharer and work with friends on one plot
• Learn more about gardening by working with a seasoned gardener
• For serious gardeners – Look after a whole plot


We are now holding monthly working sessions on the last Sunday of every month for
anyone who wants to come. We pick up rubbish, do some weeding or watering, either on our own plots or someone else’s, trying to be careful not to root up anyone’s precious seedlings! Then we have a cup of tea and some biscuits and a natter.
To find out more please email Sue: