New bike shelters have been installed around Van Gogh Walk, as part of efforts towards a greener, healthier, happier community.

Many people in this area live in a small flat with a shared hallway and no outside space and, until now, nowhere to keep a bike safe without tripping over it or having to carry it up several flights of stairs.

Most households in Lambeth don't own a car; we have good public transport links and a local car club. So it seems sensible to allocate some of the available road space to park bikes rather than cars near our homes.

Designed by Lambeth Council and partners Cyclehoop, the first Bikehangar has been storing six bikes as a trial on Morat Street since autumn 2012. Following positive feedback and a few amendments informed by the trial, a further 27 shelters were installed in the neighbourhood in 2013.

Visit Cyclehoop rentals online for more information, or to find and rent a bike space.

You also can get free cycle training if you live or work in Lambeth, including help with planning a regular journey, tailored to your needs, for instance to school or work. Your preferred bike route might be quieter or quicker than you think.