Neighbourhood group Streets Ahead was set up in 2005 by local people keen to create a safer, greener community around the two schools in our area (Reay Primary and Durand Academy) - initially through community gardening, neighbourhood events, and activities and support for residents.

The fact that Vincent Van Gogh used to live here in Hackford Road gives added inspiration and focus for improvements.

Since 2009 we have been working on the GRASS ROUTES project with Lambeth, local schools, housing associations and local councillors and with input from police, artists, architects and others. This project has involved greening our streets, calming traffic, and creating a new community space named Van Gogh Walk (formerly Isabel Street).

The developments in 2012/2013 were paid for by Lambeth’s Local Implementation Plan, and Section 106 Planning Gain funding.

The first stage of the GRASS ROUTES scheme was to install a zebra crossing outside Reay School in 2012. This had been an urgent priority for the school and local families. The new Van Gogh Walk was launched on 30th March 2013 and the whole area now benefits from a 20mph speed limit.

Greening the streets 2009